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As a little girl, I was fascinated with the stories my mother shared with me about angels and fairies. The beautiful angel stories she told from a book that supported her religious upbringing and the magical fairy tales were read to us from a book that had belonged to her grandmother entitled, "Silver Pennies," by Blanche Jennings Thompson.

She gave me that book one year as a Christmas gift, when my children were still young enough to imagine what nymphs and fairies might look like outside their bedroom windows. These stories and images would later become the inspiration for my floral angel and fairy designs.

After pressing flowers and creating pressed floral artwork for almost 20 years, I am pleased with the evolution of my work. I call this divine artwork "Petal Painting." Each original design was created using a variety of wild and domestic flower petals.

I hope that you will find peace and inspiration as I have through the mystical charm that angels and fairies have come to represent.

Have a Magical Day!