About Us

Tauna Andersen is recognized as an “Eco Friendly” Utah Artist and Energetic Light Worker. Her personal contributions and Spiritual gifts have been appreciated and recognized by both the public and private sectors.  All of the artist’s designs are created and manufactured using 100% natural, organic materials.  Each piece is designed and inspired by the Spirit of Nature.  Tauna adds to her art a heartbeat, the Spiritual Element that lets each piece sing of Itself.

She has gracefully mastered the Art of Resourceful Gardening.  Her seeds are planted and sown with the intention of bringing forth new Energy that can be felt in our World.  First in her garden…and now again through her artwork.  By envisioning the magnificence of her own garden’s flowering creations, she allows her intuitive gift to guide her hands to their natural selections while she visualizes the outcome of her intent, thereby producing the most enchanting, delightful, exquisite and sometimes even surprising works of art…a gift that keeps on giving.