All prints are available through Imagekind. Just click on the link by the picture you want! You may then choose from a variety of media.

All framed "original" artwork is protected with UV glass, keeping UV rays from prematurely fading and discoloring your image.

I have listed many of the flowers used in each design, but I have not always been able to identify all of them.

If you have any questions or comments about your picture, please email me.

The book "Once in a Blue Moon" is not available through Imagekind. It can be ordered directly from Pressed for Time.


Creating the Mystic Mermaid

It usually takes about 30 days from beginning to end to create one of my larger pressed flower designs. I first decide what image I am wanting to create. The time it takes for this process varies, but after gathering ideas and images, I am ready to decide what flowers and backgrounds to use. I have picked and pressed dozens of different flowers and greenery over the years, but not all flowers are suitable to use in pressed flower art.

I first draw my design on the paper I will be using, and later again on tracing paper. This helps me know where the image is after I have glued flower petals down over my pencil marks. Color, texture and size are all considered, but most of all, I ask for inspiration in creating the "feeling" that I would like my artwork to represent. I will work on a creation as long as the ideas and my energy are flowing, and then put it away for a bit. I pay a lot of attention to details, and enjoy finding just the right flower petal for each piece.

I have a lot of pressed flowers that hold special meaning to me. I have enjoyed gathering wildflowers with my children, pressing flowers from special occasions, and those that have been grown in my own gardens as well as the gardens of kind neighbors. The title for a picture comes to me at various stages of its creation.

Working with flowers is a joy for me, and a way to share their beauty with others. I was so pleased when I saw how lovely the prints turned out, and so grateful for the many friends and family members that have contributed to the success of my work.